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Vision-Aid Scholar Hired by Goldman Sachs

Vision-Aid scholars have found success in different fields. Every success is a validation of the hard work put in by the scholars themselves and the support and initiative of Vision-Aid volunteers, donors and Vision-Aid community. Ankit Deb is one such success story. Ankit has been a Vision-Aid scholar and taken many courses conducted by Vision-Aid. He was recently hired by The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. a leading global investment banking, securities and investment management firm.


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Here is Ankits story in his own words.

"Did I dream of working at Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.?  Are you kidding me?  It is every kid’s dream to be employed at a large multi-national company(MNC) that delivers a broad range of services.  

I’m here to tell you my story of how I though being visually impaired made it through a tough selection process to receive a job offer at Goldman Sachs.  Now that’s more than a dream come true! Be encouraged. You can achieve the impossible!

My Background

I completed my studies this year (2021) at the Institute of Technology Guru Ghasidas University, and majored in Computer Science. My challenges with visual impairment was not a deterrent to success.

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Further to a Computer Science degree, I enrolled myself into various skill development courses at the Vision-Aid Academy, which played a major role in my success.  It took a lot of determination and hard work to achieve the success I have over the years.  

I prepared, I equipped!

 Are you on a path to work at a top MNC like Goldman Sachs?  Well, this is what I have learned: you have to be professional in following skills:

  •  Coding: Practice a lot of frequently-asked coding problems
  • Soft-Skills: You have to be very good in your presentation skills
  • Proactive: You need to be proactive throughout the interview process

 Additionally, Vision-Aid organized mock interviews that helped me crack the technical rounds of the interview process.

About Vision-Aid

 I would like to share a few things about Vision-Aid because the organization has impacted my career and growth in many ways.  

 Vision-Aid is a non-profit organization, working dedicatedly to Enable, Educate and Empower students with vision disabilities so they live a life with independence and dignity.  I have been a student of Vision-Aid since the year 2019, and I vouch for Vision-Aid in all respects.

Let me share a few courses that gave me the skills I now possess.

Python Training Program

Having no prior experience, this Course was just the spark I needed. Now, the Python language has become my primary programming language. 

Data structures, Algorithms

Being a one-year long course, and one of the most effective programs, it teaches data structuring and algorithms, and programming using Leetcode.  

Mentor-Based Project

Through this program, Vision-Aid prepared me to be industry-ready giving me real-world projects.  Being part of a group of 2-3 students and a mentor, I learned about Agile Software Development Principles, and tools like Jira, Git and Github.

Inclusive Stem Confluence

 Picture depicts the 2021 I Stem confluence banner

I participated in the Inclusive Stem Confluence (ISC) organized by Vision-Aid and Partners. It is an event where persons with and without disabilities come together to take on real-world problems.  While at the 2020 ISC, my Team secured the third position, at the 2021 ISC event, we secured the Championship.  

Corporate Skills Development Program (CSD)

The primary objective of the CSD course is to improve soft-skills which I found as a very necessary for those with visual impairments to get into the corporate sector.  Course topics included listening, speaking, communicating and presentation skills – that greatly prepared me for my interview. 

 Let me invite you or a sibling or a friend who may be a person with visual impairments. Enrol into courses available on the Vision-Aid Academy.

The hiring process - I applied!

 Goldman Sachs provides career opportunities to freshers (Technical) who don't get into Goldman Sachs during their campus drives in Universities. So, I applied for a Full-Time Analyst role.  

 The hiring process included these four stages:

  • Sorting Resumes
  • Aptitude Test
  • Coding Test
  • Technical Interviews

If you want to get through into MNC’s like Goldman Sachs, you will have to crack all these to succeed.

Hassles I faced as a Visually-challenged Individual

All the hassles I faced were related to inaccessible web content.

After being shortlisted, I had to take an aptitude test. Prior experiences reminded me that aptitude test tools are never compatible to Screen Readers (like JAWS), as the Test also included graphical inputs in most questions. Further, the time duration is too less if you choose to avail a scriber for assistance.

In my discussions with the Human Resources Team, I stressed on the need that to get an equal opportunity to showcase my true potential. I proposed to increase the number of technical round interviews as against taking the aptitude and coding test. Goldman Sachs agreed, and organized three rounds of technical interviews.

At the technical rounds stage, I had to write actual Code on Codepair (Collaborative Environment), in which I encountered accessibility issues again. I proposed sharing my screen during coding, while they get to monitor my work. Goldman Sachs agreed!

The Job Offer!

My persistence and a “never give up” attitude worked and the interviews went off well. Then came the news I had been so eagerly waiting for: “YOU ARE HIRED”.  I received a Full-Time Employee offer at Goldman Sachs as an Analyst

Today, looking back I can say that my journey has been one eventful one, and I’m looking forward to accomplish greater things at Goldman Sachs.

Reach Out To Me!

Should you have any additional queries, feel free to connect with me via LinkedIn."

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