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   Helping the visually impaired live with independence 

and dignity.        

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Welcome to Vision-Aid

Vision-Aid provides rehabilitation for the visually impaired. Our world-class computer training programs, which are benchmarked with the programs of leading institutions, empower blind and low vision students to reach great heights. Students with vision impairment are provided with one-on-one assessment , training and devices. 

Vision-Aid programs have won 6 national and international awards in its 7 years of existence

What's New

Virtual Online Academy Technology

Please check out this video clip showing one of our instructors in the Vision-Aid Vizag Center teaching two students in Kolkata using the new virtual  [ ... ]

Making inclusive education a reality in Indian sch...

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Equipping teachers to help blind and low vision sc...

St Mary Centenary College of Education (SMCCE) Gnanapuram. (Near Vizag) is one of the biggest Teacher training colleges of the country turning out B. [ ... ]

Vision Aid's "Dancer's Pledge" Rocks Boston
Vision Aid's

India New England Article: Vision Aid's "Dancer's Pledge" Rocks Boston

Vision Aid in Action - new 2014 Film

Check out this compelling video to see Vision Aid in action and learn more about some of the work that the organization does. Also, please subscribe t [ ... ]

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